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Mission ” Sab Padhe, Sab Badhe, ” is an educational initiative which provides basic education
and life skills to underprivileged kids by Nirantar Prayaas Welfare Foundation. We, at NPWF
believe that “A child without education is like a bird without wings” a Tibetan Proverb because
education is one of the most potent weapons for a country’s social and economic success. It
carries with it a sense of equality between people. While other children obtain world-class
education, the majority of underprivileged children receive no or inadequate education. As a
result, the goal of education should not only be to teach a large number of children, but also to
educate them well. Here, at NPWF, Girls’ and women’s education receive special attention in
order to empower them and their families. Education is a means to empower.
This mission is in collaboration with Noida Police.
● Non- Formal Education
● Value of RTE
● Imparting essential IT skills
● Basic life skills
Process we follow
1. Gathering underprivileged kids from nearby areas.
2. Finding the brilliant kids and nurturing them.
3. Enrolling them to school (if they are not pursuing Formal Education)
Curriculum (Tentative)
● Non-Formal Education
1. Introduction
2. Literacy
3. About our country
4. Environment
● Essential IT Skill (School going kids)
1. Basic computer knowledge
2. Keyboard typing
3. Browsing
4. Office suites (Microsoft or Google)
5. Basic cyber awareness
● Basic life’s skills
1. Communication
● Hindi and English speaking
● Public speaking
2. Emotional Regulation3. Empowering personal decisions makings
4. Gender Equality
5. Livelihood & Employability