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Frequently Ask Question

Frequently Ask Question

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Here are some Frequently Ask Questions from NPWF :

We are Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh) based and certified NGO, established on 27 August 2020.

Our NGO name is Nirantar Prayaas Welfare Foundation which is very difficult to remember for our online visitors. We want our website URL simple, short, and easy to remember as well as relate to our organization’s name so that’s why we choose this.

Our vision is to ensure that every underprivileged child or woman attains his or her right to education and opportunity.

Our mission is to bring positive change through education and empowerment.

Yes, You are welcome to celebrate with an appointment at least 1 week prior via email or message. It’s tough to make a last-minute appointment.

No. All directors and staff members are volunteers. Despite our heavy academic and professional commitments, we donate our time and energy because we strongly believe that together we can make a real difference to improve the lives of children and women.

Yes, We do accept donations in kinds like books, clothes, food supplies, etc.

Yes. As we are registered with an 80G non-profit organization, your donations are tax-deductible. When you donate to us, you will receive a receipt acknowledging your donation that can be used while tax filing.

Yes, any transaction on the website is secure. Furthermore, any information exchange is kept private and is never exposed. Also, the payment gateway is a third-party payment gateway that has been approved by the Indian government’s financial institutions. As a
result, any transaction is completely safe. You will also receive a receipt of your donation within 7 working days.

NPWF will put your donation in a general fund for the women empowerment program or other projects such as child education or campaign until you designate which project(s) you want the money to go to. We do not utilize any of your donations to pay for our operating costs.
Only 5% of every donation is kept by the US for administrative, marketing, and fund-raising expenditures; and the remaining 95% is used entirely for our project.

Interested candidates can go to the volunteer section of our website and fill out the form for the relevant area they are interested in or click here. VOLUNTEERS ARE NOT PAID, only certificates will be provided.

You can contact us through our “CONTACT US” page or can fill out the form here (plug-in link).